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Dr. Margaret Abeyta

My time working at Hillman Veterinary Clinic has officially come to an end. The revolving door of the military strikes again and my husband and I are headed back to California. 
To the clients who have tolerated my presence, encouraged my learning, and trusted me with your fur kids I want to say a huge thank you. I can’t express how truly wonderful your support has been. 
To the staff of Hillman’s - I’ll probably never find another staff like you and if I do I’ll count myself as an incredibly lucky person. I love you guys and I’ll miss your friendship and antics. 
To Dr. Hillman and Dr. Lewis - Thank you for a year of incredible mentorship, patience, and kindness. In vet school they say your first job truly molds you as a future veterinarian. If that statement is true then my future is incredibly bright. 

It’s rare to meet a man who loves his job as much as Dr. Hillman nor has a bigger heart for his clients. In my entire year at Hillman’s I never witnessed a saveable pet be euthanized due to owner finances. Dr. Hillman once told me that “if only 9 out of 10 clients were able to pay their bill, but we got to save 10 out of 10 pets, then we were doing a pretty good job.” This mentality is truly what I will miss most. 

I’ll forever be thankful for the year of laughs, learning, friendships, puppy kisses and kitten cuddles(and all the other creatures too). If you’re ever in Northern California look me up.