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International Pet Travel

International Pet Travel

International Pet Travel

Traveling internationally with your pet is possible, but takes time and planning to make it go smoothly.  Depending on the country you plan to travel to, there are steps that must be performed in a specific order and time.  Taking a pet to countries like Japan or the Philippines can take months of preparation to prevent your pet from having to endure lengthy quarantines.  If the proper procedures are not followed, some countries will not allow the pet to stay in the country at all and time and money will be wasted.  

Dr. Andy Hillman and Dr. Chris Lewis are USDA accredited veterinarians and can sign international health certificates to be sent for USDA endorsement.  Pricing for this service is based on the destination country.  For a consultation on your specific travel requirements, call and ask for Kelly Gardner CVT.

Have your pet microchipped.  Most countries require a pet to be microchipped in order to prove identity and confirm vaccinations records.  Rabies vaccines done prior to microchip implantation are not recognized and the pet will have to be revaccinated and won't be able to travel internationally until after a minimum of 21 days.  

Keep your pet's rabies and other vaccinations up to date.  Don't let the vaccines lapse, some countries require multiple vaccines and will  not recognize vaccinations that were not repeated before expiring. 

Keep good records.  Have good clean copies of your pet's vaccination records.  Ask your veterinarian to print the rabies certificate with the microchip number printed on it and have them sign it in blue ink.  Make sure the serial numbers of all vaccinations are recorded and the information is accessible. 

The USDA has a website that contains the most up to date information on international pet travel listed by country.  Click here to be taken to the website and then select the destination country from the drop down menu for more information.


Pet Travel to Hawaii

While Hawaii is not international travel, the island has very specific requirements to take a pet to the rabies free state.  It can take as long as 6 months to get a pet ready to travel to Hawaii.  Please call Kelly Gardner CVT for more information or click here for the most up to date requirements and checklist.