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Sellers Grooming

     Barbara Sellers began her career in 1993 after extensive, hands-on training in pet grooming.  She came to Hillman Veterinary Clinic in 2002, where she specializes in grooming all breeds of dogs and cats - from the smallest to the largest and from the calm to the "crazy"  Barbara never uses restraining devices while grooming a pet, and sedatives are only used when specifically requested by a pet owner.

     Barbara works her grooming magic thanks to the HydroSurge Animal Bathing System that gently massages away dirt and dander all the way down to the skin.  With years of experience, Barbara will transform your scruffy critter into a cute and comfortable pet.

     Barbara sets all of her own pricing and will give you a personalized quote on the spot.  The fastest way to make an appointment is to call Hillman Veterinary Clinic | (850) 433-2812 during our office hours.  Click here to request an appointment through the website, but keep in mind this can take several business days.

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Sellers Grooming features

Sellers Grooming is located inside Hillman Veterinary Clinic.

Please call 850-433-2812 for more information.  Thank-you.