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Surgery Instructions

Once you have made an appointment for your pet to have a surgical or dental procedure, please follow these instructions.  Thank you.
  • For elective surgeries, such as spays and neuters, please give your pet a bath two to three days before the scheduled procedure.  Keep in mind that your pet may not be able to have a bath until sutures are removed which is usually two weeks after the surgery.
  • Please have your pet up to date on flea control.  If your pet is found to have fleas, a Capstar will be administered at the owner's expense.
  • Please do not feed you pet any food or treats after midnight the night before the scheduled surgery.  Small amounts of water are fine, but nothing to eat.
  • Drop off is between 8:00 and 9:00 am the day of the surgery, unless other arrangements are made.  Please be prepared for a check in procedure that takes at least 15 minutes.  If you need to speak to the veterinarian before the surgery, this process may take longer.
  • If your pet is on medications, please bring them with you in case your pet has to stay longer than expected.