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Canine Breeding Services

At Hillman Veterinary Clinic we offer our breeders a full line of services.  We will be with you every step of the way from checking for breeding soundness to health certificates for the offspring.  For more information call at the office at 850-433-2812 or contact our Canine Reproductive Consultant, Shannon Chavers at 850-982-7032.  You can also email Shannon at [email protected].

In order for us to provide breeding services, your dog must have proof of vaccinations, heartworm and parasite prevention.  Please be prepared to receive these services at your expense if documentation cannot be provided.

Breeding Services

OFA - Radiographs
OFA -Congenital Blood Testing

Brucellosis Testing
Progesterone Levels 
Artificial Insemination
Surgical Artificial Insemination
Semen Collection and Shipping
Pregnancy Testing
Pregnancy Radiographs (Day 55)
Cesarean Section
Whelping Assistance
Puppy De-worming
Puppy Vaccinations
Health Certificates

If you are trying to decide whether or not to breed your pet, please visit Dr. Andy Hillman's blog on the subject of breeding.